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3868 Carson St. Suite 300

Torrance CA 90503

424-275-4043 phone





            Individual,  Family, and Co-parenting Coaching

            Consultant to Attorneys and Their Clients   

            Collaborative Law Team Member

            Child Specialist Consultation





            July  1987       Child Psychiatry Fellowship, UCLA

            July  1985       Adult Psychiatry Residency Neuropsychiatric Institute, UCLA

            June 1983      Pediatric Internship, UCLA

            June 1982      M.D. School of Medicine, UCLA

            June 1978      B.S. Psychobiology, UCLA


           Phi Beta Kappa – UCLA

           Magna Cum Laude – UCLA

            Alpha Lamda Delta  - UCLA First-Year Student National Academic Honor Societies

            Women’s Honors Society – UCLA

            Beineckie Memorial Scholarship – National Award 1978 for Graduate Studies


             Private Practice Clinical Forensic Psychiatry – Consultants with attorneys on custody

                   evaluations, mediation, family therapy, and co-parenting counseling 1994 –Present

            Collaborative Practice of California - 2014 - Present

            Collaborative Practice San Diego - Present

            Center for Conflict Resolution – Loyola Law School in association with LACFLA

                    collaborative law team member,  child specialist coach    2014 - 2022

            Peace Talks Mediation – mediation team member, mental health specialist  2015 

            Downtown Los Angeles Psychiatric Custody Evaluation Panel May 1994 – 2003

                  Selected by Los Angeles Superior Court Judges to evaluate custody cases and

                  providing a report and possible expert witness testimony                                                                           Southwest Psychiatric Custody Evaluation Panel



            Domestic Violence Training – Code 5.230 12 hours 1997

                                                           4 hours annual updates 1998 – Present

            AFCC-CA Complex Issues in Custody Evaluations  20 hours  October 2023

            AFCC-CA California Annual Conference 1997 - Present 

            IACP Annual Networking & Education Conference October 2023 

            ADHA: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment               2001

            Practical Advances in Integrating Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology 2001

            Collaborative Practice Cal Celebration Annual Conferences 2013 - Present

            Custody Evaluation Training – Code 5.225  40 hours 2002 – 2003

                                                                        8 hours annual updates 2004 – Present

            Psycho–Legal Child Custody Training Rule 1257.4   20 hours  2002

            Child Evaluation of Sexual Abuse Training  - Code 3110 40 hours 2002 – 2003

                                                                        8 hours annual updates 2004 – 2020

            Thomson American Health Consultants, Managing Pain and End-of-Life Issues

                                                                                                December 2005

            LACBA Annual Child Custody Colloquium – September 2006, 2007, 2013 - 2019

            American Institute of Medical Education, Creativity and Madness, Dec 2005 -2009

           North American Society for Pediatrics and Adolescent Gynecology, Annual Clinical

                                                                                    Meeting, May 2008

           Psycho-Legal Associates, Child Custody Update & High Conflict Couples January 2013

           Strauss Institute for Dispute Resolution, Pepperdine Law School

           Professional Skills Program, Family Law Mediation                   June 2013

           Mosten Mediation, 40-hour Divorce Mediation Training          September 2013

           LACFLA Annual Collaborative Law 3-Day Training                      January 2014

           LACBA Getting Ready for the New Wave of Clients: ADR/CDR Special Working with Same-Sex                                            Partners, Needs Families, and Prenuptial Agreements        March 2014

           AFCC-CA Custody Evaluator & Mediation Annual Training      February 1998 – Present 

           Confluence Centers for Mediation Training  Advanced Workplace Mediation Training 

                                                                                                                     February 2015

           AFCC-OR Inaugural Conference The Rising Tides of Shared Parenting 

                                                                                                                     April 2015

           LACFLA Train the Trainer                                                              December  2015


        Del Amo Hospital, Torrance CA        Child & Adolescent Medical Director 1989 to 1993

                                                                      Medical Director March 1993 to 1995

                                                                      Women’s Unit Medical Director 1992 to 1993

                                                                      Trauma Recovery Unit   March 1993 to 1995

        Little Company of Mary Hospital     Active Clinical Staff Member 1987 to 1992

        Charter Pacific Hospital                     Child & Adolescent Medical Director 1987 to 1989

        College Hospital                                  Staff Psychiatrist 1984 to 1989

        Charter Oak Hospital                          Staff Psychiatrist 1984 to 1989

        Charter Grove Hospital                      Staff Psychiatrist 1984 to 1989 

        Didi Hirsch Mental Health                 Mental Health Clinic Psychiatrist 1983 -1984                                                             


        2024                   Collaborative Practice California Conference XVIII

                                        House on Fire The LaMusga Factors Reconsidered from the Inside Out

                                        Navigating the Turbulent Waters of Divorce, Life After LaMusga, 

                                        20/20, 20 Years Later


        2024                   American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers So Cal Division   

                                        Litigation Institute

                                        Five Rules of Persuasion in Custody Matters

        2021                   Collaboration Practice California Conference XV 

        2018                   Collaboration Practice California Conference  XIII Family Residence Issue and 

                                         Why They Drive Us Crazy 


        2017                   Collaborative Practice California Conference Xll Why Long-Term

                                          Spousal Support Drives Everybody Crazy       

        2017                   USC School of Medicine Guest Lecturer

        2016                   UCLA School of Law Guest Lecturer

        2016                  Collaborative Practice California Conference XI -- Bias: The Shadow

                                           Behind the Smile


        2015                   LACFLA  1 Day Training – What is Collaborative Law? What is the Role

                                           of the Child Specialist?


        2015                   Los Angeles Study Group Debate and Conversation Regarding

                                             Shared Parenting, with Robert Simon, PhD   

        2015                   USC Law School Child Custody Evaluation Review


        2015                   USC Trojan Health Volunteers

        2014                   Chapman University, Sociology Guest Lecturer: PTSD, OCD

        2014                   LACBA 36th Annual Child Custody Colloquium: When a Child Rejects a

                                             Parent: Exploring, Rejection, Resolution, and Reunification.


        2014-15             Mosten Mediation Training, Training Assistant

        2002                  Domestic Violence and Parenting Assessment and Decision Making

                                              in the Family Law Context Training for Evaluators and Mediators – LA                                                            Superior Court in Collaboration with Allied Legal Services   


        2000                   AFCC Child Custody Colloquium


        1999                   Conference:  Litigating Complex Family Law Issues, Institute of Trial     Advocacy                                                     Litigating the Child Custody Evaluation Process

         1998                   Conference: A New Beginning for Partnerships for Children and Families in Los                                                     Country, Lecture: Through the Eyes of a Child:  The Effects of Domestic                                                           Violence on Children Making Custody Work: Community Presentation

                                              Child Custody Colloquium Judge’s College: Presentation: Domestic                                                                   Violence, Drug Testing, and Severe Psychiatric Pathology      


        1997                   American Association of Matrimonial Lawyers Making Custody Work


        1994 -1999        Family Law Group, Presentations


        1994 -1997        Television and Radio Broadcast




    Current Member

        A Better Divorce

        Collaborative Practice San Diego 

        Collaborative Divorce Solutions of Orange County

        Association of Family and Collation Courts       

        Los Angeles Collaborative Family Law Association, Prior Board Member  

        Collaborative Practice of California 

    Prior Member

        Los Angeles County Bar Association

        Marina Collaborative Divorce Group  

        Beverly Hills Bar Association

        South Bay Bar Association     



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